FEATURE Artist of the week: The Wordsmith

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!!! I was truly inspired! So Creativly spoken!  “YOU ARE your art!!!” …


This is the heart of creativity, and I’m your tour guide Intuition- the best friend of an open mind, but to all others… enmity.

There are three main leaves on this tree of thee, which when wholly applied bring the light to the scene like the sunrise to the horizon.



Dexterous creativity.

It occurred to me that maybe the reason so many artistic beings drown so deeply, haphazardly absconding from their mission is because they have no clue- not the slightest inkling- of the heart within them.

Stronger than that of your church attending grandmother, more durable than that of a forsaken lover’s, more powerful than that which fuels the mighty sphinx, and created to be as infinite as He who crafted eternity… Artistically speaking your art should still be speaking, speaking of which- here’s our first stop.  Passion and intensity.

This lesson is pubescent- if you do not feel, then I do not feel.  Take your art and all the power that you wield and caress me against my will, willing me over to your side of the field… Woo me not with game because then you can lose, but entice me with the energy of a crack of lightning… Enlighten me… Take my lips and kiss em to the stars while bloodying my vision with an in depth view of Mars…  If your heart was broken in two, then break my heart in twenty, and if it made you chuckle then redefine my definition of funny.  … Be kinky with your art, and put your hand in my lap.  Touch me in private places- make me want to slap you, but because you’re so good all I can do is fall for you… The lesson is pubescent- if you do not feel, then I do not feel.

That was a glimpse- at the inner part of your psyche.  I hope you took notes and were writing, and put the sun on the word- call it highlighting.  It’s high writing like birds flying when the artistic words catch fire and begin alighting… Be free in your giftings… Here’s our second stop- Message and story.

A long time ago, twas a seed sown that sold a choke hold- It doesn’t matter what you say… only how you say it.  Such a deception has de-incepted the creative means- we no longer have layers to our dreams.  Consumed by being consumable, with frugal concern on the mass inflicted funeral… Shoving down content that only gets regurgitated, resulting in a generation whose ears are tuned to replays… Take a pause when you art, check thine heart, let it impart that about which thou truly art.  Whatsoever you are- let that come through.  Let it flow naturally and tell the story true.  There’s a light in you, that’s been shushed under a fearful bushel- It’s time to set that bush on fire.  Weave your art through the burning brier, and blast a gust of fresh breath where the smoke would creep in burning lungs and start eyes crying… The message is the medicine, the story the kool-aid it’s hidden in…

Ahhh there it is friend, the explicit details of your mission, re-written from that which the talking heads have given- don’t listen to zombies.  If you want to be life, and let your art live and be resurrected out of the grave, then you must see more than dollar signs because it’s going to require change… Here is our final stop- dexterous creativity.

Once you have your passion and intensity, wedded to your message and story, it is time to weave the final strand and activate your creativity’s internal glory… Dexterous creativity- do your art creatively, and creatively do it differently.  This tidbit is a full course meal and more serious than streaming radio on every frequency, for simply by altering locations and changing the delivery I’m now off frequency to free quincy, and purchase him fast glasses so he can frequent… see.  See?  It’s like breathing under water, through your art you can do things you never thought of, like part them and walk through or blow a breeze through tomato soup, or even paint a touching fairytale and touch the whole world with your stone soup.  The universe is back infantile, it went senile, and this is the last 8 miles.  Put your foot on the path, and lift the whole road up when you step, stay focused on your artistic domino effect, and the Lord Himself will meet us halfway and bring us up to Heaven… Dexterous creativity- do your art creatively, and creatively do it differently.

That concludes this tour of the heart… of YOUR heart.

Two of these arteries unplugged makes great art, but the implementation of all THREE is where the genius levels are…

There is one adage that exists and applies to all creative, artistic troops: “To thine own self be true.”

Create for YOU, to unlock the creative you, then fly high in the skies with your new creative view..

Be free in your giftings.

Be free in who you are.

Be diligent with your life pen- only YOU can make your mark…

You ARE your art.

**~The Wordsmith


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