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“I Wont Photograph UGLY PEOPLE”-Jen Mcken

It’s so refreshing to see someone TAKE A STAND for what is right  with the risk of taking a personal loss. That is what I call passion , and Jen may just very well be one of my new favorite photographers!  I  think that it’s so rare in this world today that I see integrity run clear (not partial or tainted) through every part of who you are!   I ABSOLUTELY love this …please read and follow her blog… I will be adding her to my favs !   This is a message that we can ALL learn from.

Many of you know that I wont shoot Boudoir Sessions unless the session is being done for a married couple. I have turned down many request and the reason is because I don’t ever want to see my images plastered on social networks for any woman who may not know her self-worth or who may struggle with finding her value in comment feedback. I know that married couples can have these struggles as well , and that I can not control what clients do with their images to an extent., but I see to many beautiful , lonely, hurting, confused women posting photos of themselves with little or almost NO clothing on to seek whatever the attention is that they are looking for and I don’t want to capitalize on anyones pain, and that is NOT to say that everyone who does or shoots a Boudoir Session is doing this … THAT IS SIMPLY MY OPINION and MY PERSONAL CONVICTION… so to come across Jen McKens post on NOT PHOTOGRAPHING UGLY PEOPLE … made my heart smile!!!  Thank you Jen for Standing up! I am looking forward to seeing your blessings because of it!

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