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Welcome Fellow Photographer!

Welcome to Insight and Inspiration for Photographers. I am super excited to be  launching  this blog today.  A simple blog for every photographer.Something I wish I had before, yet glad I could give it to you! Here you will find links to places that inspire and motivate me as a photographer. I found in this business that its sometimes hard to get your questions answered from other photogs as some can be a bit protective or territorial . I’ve also learned a lot and come across some really GREAT resources and Photographers as well and these people are in the business of sharing knowledge (GREAT knowledge might I add) and I wanted to share with YOU the places and people that have helped me along in my journey. This Blog will contain:

  1. Shared Links to places and Photogs that have inspired and encouraged me.
  2. A resource for photography and editing knowledge
  3. Links to some of my favorite places.
  4. How to tips and tricks
  5. Social Media how  to’s …

I  truly hope this blog will be a GREAT resource for you and help you to be the BEST Photographer you can be!

Best Wishes to you ! Qiana Nicole